Bluewhale - Technical

How does it work

Bluewhale Account
The simplest way to get started with Bluewhale is to use our service in the cloud. Data is always stored in Germany on ISO 27001-certified servers. Get your account.

Dedicated server and integration with Active Directory
Larger companies, government authorities and city councils often choose to give all or part of their employees access to Bluewhale automatically. This is easily done as Bluewhale integrates with Active Directory (AD) via LDAP/Kerberos or SAML/AD FS. This way the users automatically have access to Bluewhale in Outlook as well as Bluewhale webapp. Furthermore, all or just some employess can be granted access this way. A separate server is installed in your own data center or hosted by Bluewhale. You get your own designated URLs (e.g. in download links and web addresses, you get to use your preferred antivirus product and your logo is added to the graphical interface.