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Download add-in for Outlook 2010/13/16/19 & 365

Download Bluewhale for Outlook 2.2.2 | Bluewhale for Outlook documentation

New features in 2.2.2 (released 2020-06-29):
– Improved handling of new password recipients.
– Updated add-in middleware, add-in loader is now signed.

New features in 2.2.0:
– Now shows password status of recipients.
– Generates ‘Secure Inbound’ links (Bluewhale Enterprise).
– Fixes problem forwarding mails with attached files issue,

New features in 2.1.1:
– Adds support for signature images larger than 25k.
– Improved fidelity of mail content in the “Sent with Bluewhale” folder. 

New features in 2.1.0:
– Adds support for swedish BankID.
– Adds support for OAuth2 and Azure AD.

New features in 2.0.5:
– Fixes open mails saved outside of Outlook issue.

New features in 2.0.4:
– Fixes “Download reply” login issue.

New features in 2.0.3:
– Improved support for signature images (jpg/gif/png images less than 25k are now supported).

New features in 2.0.2:
– Fixes problem storing AD FS configuration.

New features in 2.0.1:
– Uses TLS 1.2 for secure server communication.

New features in 2.0.0:
– Uses .Net 4.5 (preinstalled with Windows 8 and newer).
– Supports recipient validation with Norwegian BankID on mobile.
– Supports single sign-on with Kerberos on 32-bit and 64-bit Office/Outlook.


New features in 1.8.2:
“Process files” deactivated as default, can be activated in the registration database.

New features in 1.8.1:
– Added support for password authenticated recipients.
– Fixed bug in handling of signature.
Fixed Danish translation.

New features in 1.8.0:
– Supports Norwegian. Bluewhale for Outlook is now available in Danish, Swedish, German, English and Norwegian.
– Improved support of email signatures when working with multiple mailboxes/email accounts.
– Bluewhale replies can be downloaded which allows text and attachments to be shown directly in your mailbox in Outlook.

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