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Bluewhale Secure Mail Cloud –
when you want to send secure emails right away

Get started right away
Secured and encrypted email with SMS/text PIN code validation (two factor), your recipient does not need to have a certificate installed.

1 user or multiple users, from 26 Euros per user per month
– including 20 SMS/text PIN code validations

Why choose our Cloud service?

If you need to send encrypted emails with sensitive or confidential information, eg. personal data, design or patent data or other data sensitive to your organization then the Cloud Solution is the right choice for you and your organisation.

Send secured and encrypted messages
All you need is your recipients email address and mobile number in order to send them secure and encrypted messages.

Confidential dialogue and exchange
Bluewhale Secure Mail makes it easy to exchange personal data, confidential information and large attachments using two factor authentication.

Who can receive secure email?
Anyone can receive a message sent with Bluewhale and no installation is required at the recipient’s end.

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR
Bluewhale Secure Mail helps you comply with the GDPR. With the solution you can send personal data, confidential information and large attachments easily and securely.

Our Cloud service runs on servers in our EU based data center, which is ISO 29001 certified. All you need to do is use our Bluewhale web app or install our Outlook plugin.

About our Cloud service:

  • Send from Outlook 2010/13/16 or from our web app
  • Add the module Receive Secure Mail which gives you a feature on your website so anyone can contact you via secured and encrypted email
  • Securely send various file formats and large attachments with Bluewhale Secure Mail
  • Your recipient can reply securely without having a Bluewhale account
  • Private and public organisations choose Bluewhale Secure Mail for their employees as it is easy to get started and industry compliant.

Do you know who reads your email?

With Bluewhale Secure Mail you do…

We’ll be happy to guide you if you don’t know which solution works best for you!
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