Bluewhale secure e-mail

Send sensitive and confidential information

E-mail is not secure
Did you know that sending sensitive information by e-mail is not secure? It is like sending an open postcard. Your content can be found at Google or other providers, who may scan your data and may use it for advertising purposes. Content sent via regular e-mail is not protected and can easily be intercepted by an intruder. As such, sending personal data via e-mail will be a violation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (from May 2018).

Bluewhale to the rescue
Bluewhale enables you to have a confidential dialogue with citizens, patients, customers and collaborators. The receiver can reply securely when you have sent your message with Bluewhale.

Bluewhale’s mission
Bluewhale’s mission is to make sure that your message is sent in full confidentiality and that it can only be read by the right receiver. All you need is your receiver’s e-mail address and cell phone number. Bluewhale takes care of the rest. All content is encrypted and can only be read by you and your recipients.