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Bluewhale ApS sends thousands of secure emails around the world every day. We are passionate about making a difference during a time when the stringency for data security is constantly increasing.

We have specialized in secure and encrypted email since 2007. We have in-depth understanding of the typical secure communication requirements of both small and large sized organisations, whether they are in the private or public domain. With this knowledge gained from working alongside our diverse set of customers, we have developed a versatile and robust piece of software from the ground up.

We continuously develop our solutions to the highest standards. Together with our customers we develop our software to meet their changing requirements and individual needs. Security is our main focus and our systems are easily integrated into established IT architectures while managing secure communication in a structural and seamless way.

Since the beginning our aim has been to design an easy to operate solution, that adheres to the highest encryption standards, while accomodating large file transfers, all via a secure point to point communication channel – ultimately demonstrating to your recipients that you take the security and privacy of their data seriously.

We are proud to fulfill our goal every day. We’d be happy to help you with secure mail. Give us a call to hear how +45 71 99 39 17.


Do you know who reads your email?

With Bluewhale you do.

We’ll be happy to guide you if you don’t know which solution works best for you!
Easy and flexible solutions for secure communication worldwide – since 2007

Bluewhale is ISAE 3000 certified.
It is your guarantee that data is handled securely and in compliance with the legislation