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Bluewhale Secure Inbound
– so everyone easily can send you a secure message 

Astma-Allergi Danmark

Astma-Allergi Danmark uses Secure Inbound:
“At Astma-Allergi Danmark receive questions concerning health matters as well as speculative applications on a daily basis, both of which set high demands for data protection and security.

We were looking for a platform which would enable anyone outside our organisation to communicate securely with us without any hassle and regardless of their IT setup. 

Bluewhale Secure Inbound is the solution we have been looking for and today all inquiries to Astma Allergi Danmark are sent securely and encrypted to us, so it is safe to send us your personal data and sensitive information.”  

With Bluewhale Secure Inbound it is clear that you are serious about data security and protection.
A job application, a health matter or other confidential issues –
they all require a secure way of communication.

We establish a secure and encrypted connection between you and the outside world. This way your potential clients or future partners can contact you securely without any hassle and regardless of their IT setup. All they need is an e-mail address.

With Secure Inbound
people who click your Inbound-link will be prompted to writed their e-mail address and mobile number. This information is sent along with the inquiry, so you can reply encrypted and securely with Bluewhale.

Do you know who reads your email?

With Bluewhale you do.

We’ll be happy to guide you if you don’t know which solution works best for you! Contact us, we are here to help you!
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Bluewhale is ISAE 3000 certified.
It is your guarantee that data is handled securely and in compliance with the legislation.