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Bluewhale Server Changelog

Bluewhale Server 6.2.4 – Released 2022-01-14
– Improved user experience for Digital Post.
– Fixes websender/SMIME/filenames with special characters issue.
– Fixes missing linebreaks in certain websender generated messages.
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.2.3 – Released 2021-12-17
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.2.2 – Released 2021-12-13
– Improved WhistleBlue reply status lookup.
– Fixed NgDP cleanup.
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.2.1 – Released 2021-12-06
– Fixed NemID/MitID selection page on mobile devices.
– Improved WhistleBlue password creation page.

Bluewhale Server 6.2.0 – Released 2021-11-22
– Added support for MitID.
– Added support for NgDP.

Bluewhale Server 6.1.4 – Released 2021-10-11
– Fixed reply receipts for SMS protected messages with BCC recipients.
– Fixed case sensitivity issue for password protected messages with multiple recipients.
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.1.3 – Released 2021-09-20
– Added support for Greenlandic language when sending to +299 phone numbers.
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.1.2 – Released 2021-06-22
– Improved WhistleBlue mailbox overview.
– Fixed large file download started from Digital Post.
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.1.1 – Released 2021-06-07
– Added support for Digital Post reply mailbox and subject selection.
– Fixed zero sized S/MIME attachments.

Bluewhale Server 6.1.0 – Released 2021-05-17
– Support for OAuth2 (AD FS/AAD) authentication in websender and viewer (previously OAuth2 was only supported from the Bluewhale Outlook add-in).
– Added WhistleBlue support.
– Improved layout in viewer.
– Faster uploads from the Bluewhale Outlook add-in and CRC of uploads is now configurable.
– Separate mail templates for Secure Replies and Secure Inbound messages.
– Improved handling of S/MIME VOCES recipients.
– Make account folders on create account rather than on first login. With this change at is no longer required to perform an user login before creating Secure Inbound links.
– Security updates.
– Updated embedded JRE.

Bluewhale Server 6.0.3 – Released 2021-03-22
– Adds message link to NemID receipts.
– Improved search and masked phonenumber field added in the Viewer.
– Customized title and welcome message on ‘Welcome’ page.
– Improved delete account function in Admin.
– Fixed handling of CPR-numbers entered with “-” (dash), e.g. ddmmyy-xxxx in the Websender.
– Fixed filename character encoding for files uploaded in the Websender.
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.0.2 – Released 2021-02-08
– Fixes LDAP timeout issue.
– Security updates.

Bluewhale Server 6.0.1 – Released 2020-12-11
– Improved handling of large files.

Bluewhale Server 6.0.0 – Released 2020-11-23
– Large file support for S/MIME and Digital Post/e-Boks messages.
– Adds support for multiple S/MIME recipients.
– Supports multiple S/MIME sender certificates.
– Support for selecting multiple files in websender file chooser.
– Updated embedded web server.
– Various third party libraries updated to newer versions.

Bluewhale Server 5.3.1 – Released 2020-09-14
– Improved password recipient support in websender.
– Improved password recipient status mails.
– Fixed S/MIME certificate validity check.
– Various third party libraries updated to newer versions.

Bluewhale Server 5.3.0 – Released 2020-08-17
– German language support in e-mails and text messages (German (+49) and Austrian (+43) phone numbers) as well as on all pages.
– S/MIME (OCES/sikker post) support in websender.
– Customized welcome message on ‘Secure Inbound’ page.
– Updated embedded JRE.

Bluewhale Server 5.2.2 – Released 2020-07-02
– Websender redesign.
– Fixes issues with very long filenames and files where the compressed size is larger than 4 Gb.

Bluewhale Server 5.2.1 – Released 2020-05-27
– Confirmation e-mail to sender when recipient of password protected message has created or reset password.
– Special sender in sms messages to Vietnam.
– Download of attached folders or whole consignment containing filenames with special characters made more robust.
– Show error message if expected number of attachments doesn’t match actual number of uploaded files in web app.
– Personal name displayed on mail page in messages sent with API.
– Preliminary support for S/MIME (OCES/sikker post), requires Bluewhale for Outlook min. 2.2.1. 

Bluewhale Server 5.2.0 – Released 2020-05-04
– ‘Secure Inbound’ with SMS and NemID
– Improves recipient password flow.
– Download receipt e-mails now include link to the original outgoing message for easy access.
– Replies included on consignment lists in the Viewer web app.
– Updated embedded JRE.

Bluewhale Server 5.1.1 – Released 2020-01-27
– Supports “Bluewhale_disable_reply” claim for disabling replies.
– Updated embedded JRE.

Bluewhale Server 5.1.0 – Released 2019-12-12
– Support for Swedish BankID recipient authentication (requires Bluewhale for Outlook min. 2.1.0).
– Support for Azure AD and OAuth2 (requires Bluewhale for Outlook min. 2.1.0).

Bluewhale Server 5.0.2 – Released 2019-11-20
– Updated embedded web server.
– Various third party libraries updated to newer versions.
– Fixed download issues for Kerberos authentication. 

Bluewhale Server 5.0.1 – Released 2019-10-30
– Updated embedded JRE.
– Various third party libraries updated to newer versions.
– Fixed redundant error messsages. 

Bluewhale Server 5.0.0 – Released 2019-10-21
– Bluewhale Server is now a 64-bit application and the underlying Java environment is also 64-bit.
– Various third party libraries updated to newer versions.

Bluewhale Server 4.4.4 – Released 2019-08-26
– Updated embedded JRE.

Bluewhale Server 4.4.3 – Released 2019-08-08
– Additional Norwegian BankID related features.

Bluewhale Server 4.4.2 – Released 2019-07-08
– Optionally include original message when replying.
– Improved handling of SMS to North America and China.
– Bug fixes.

Bluewhale Server 4.4.1 – Released 2019-06-19
– Improved handling of PIN code requests.
– Bug fixes.

Bluewhale Server 4.4.0 – Released 2019-05-15
– Norwegian BankID on Mobile authentication supported.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.8 – Released 2019-04-10
– Message downloads in Bluewhale for Outlook supported.
– SAML/AD FS access as admin or helpdesk users based on group memberships.
– Outgoing message appended to reply.
– Enhanced admin interface on multi-tenant.
– Bug fixes.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.7 – Released 2019-01-23
– Support individual rights based on group memberships in websender with SAML/AD FS authentication.
– Optional e-mail journalization introduced (on-premise solutions only).
– Reply-to address added to replies on multitennant solutions.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.6 – Released 2019-01-09
– Danish NemID not available for Norwegian and Swedish customers on multitennant solutions.
– Norsk bokmål added as locale on all web pages.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.5 – Released 2018-12-05
– Support Norwegian customers with e.g. default country dialing code in clients.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.4 – Released 2018-11-21
– Anonymizability optional.
– Norwegian e-mail and SMS content for +47 countrycodes.
– Custom setting e-mail content supports English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.
– Each entry in list of consignments links to ‘View content’ page.
– Receipt e-mail supported for all authentication types in Outlook and websender.
– Java memory options set automatically.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.3 – Released 2018-10-29
– Fixes bug that occurs when trying to view list of consignments.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.2 – Released 2018-10-24
– Fixes bug regarding e-mail sender and from addresses on multitennant instances.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.1 – Released 2018-10-04
– API supports retrieval of messages and attachments.

Bluewhale Server 4.3.0 – Released 2018-08-29
– Swedish e-mail and SMS content for +46 countrycodes.
– Change-password e-mail sent with two-factor protection on multitennant instances.
– JRE upgraded.
– NemID integration updated.

Bluewhale Server 4.2.1 – Released 2018-08-22
– Bug fixes.

Bluewhale Server 4.2.0 – Released 2018-07-25
– Custom settings introduced. Layout, e-mail adresses and SMS sender customizable for each domain.

Bluewhale Server 4.1.0 – Released 2018-06-13
– Password protected messages introduced in websender.

Bluewhale Server 4.0.6 – Released 2018-04-04
– Optional language-specific e-mail and SMS/text message content based on recipient phonenumbers (currently supports English and Danish).

Bluewhale Server 4.0.5 – Released 2018-03-21
– Content viewing of sent consignments introduced.
– Improved layout on ‘View consignments’.
– Improved handling of AD FS User rights based on group memberships.

Bluewhale Server 4.0.4 – Released 2018-01-24
– Fixes issue with Bluewhale for Oulook versions prior to 1.6.3.

Bluewhale Server 4.0.3 – Released 2017-12-27
– Configurable consignment metadata format (JSON and/or txt).
– Sender e-mail and personal from introduced as optional overriding parameters when sending with RESTful API.
– Disable reply introduced as optional parameter when sending with RESTful API.

Bluewhale Server 4.0.2 – Released 2017-12-06
– AD FS User rights based on group memberships.

Bluewhale Server 4.0.1 – Released 2017-11-28
– RESTful API includes optional copy to sender.
– List of recipients and opened-dates on outgoing consignments (Websender only).
– Pincode login flow includes fallback timeout when no callback from SMS provider.

Bluewhale Server 4.0.0 – Released 2017-11-06
– Jetty web server upgraded to 9.2.22.
– RESTful API supports JSON.
– Consignment metadata included as JSON in download.
– Issue with AD FS logins from extranet fixed.
– Setting introduced to enable hiding of ‘Desktop’ button. Always hidden with AD FS.

Bluewhale Server 3.10.0 – Released 2017-09-07
– One-off pincodes introduced (optional admin setting).
– Dependency of AD FS login component updated to oiosaml.java 2.0.0

Bluewhale Server 3.9.10 – Released 2017-06-13
– Websender login with AD FS supported.
– Websender layout expands when multiple attachments.
– Downloading of attachments in replies and copies to sender on outgoing require login instead of pincode.
– Bugfixes.

Bluewhale Server 3.9.9 – Released 2017-05-04
– Bugfixes.

Bluewhale Server 3.9.8 – Released 2017-04-20
– Bugfixes.

Bluewhale Server 3.9.7 – Released 2017-04-06
– Support for admin/helpdesk logins based on AD group memberships.
– Replies to SMS pincode-protected messages with multiple recipients no longer require typing of e-mail address. 
– Serial numbers in SMS/text messages and e-mails. 
– Websender supports outgoing NemID messages. 
– Optimized handling of attachments in websender. 
– Improved session handling in websender.
– Automatic log-off on message page based on session timeout.
– RESTful API supports encryption on-the-fly when uploading. 
– Bugfixes, e.g.: clean-up job, downloading of attachments that do not require authentication, resend pincode and subsequent login.

Bluewhale Server 3.9.6 – Released 2017-02-15
– Java-less NemID authentication supported.

3.8.0 – Released 2016-04-25
Bwviewer enhanced
RESTful API version 1.1
Security enhancements 
Bug fixes, e.g. CSR generation.

3.7.7 – Released 2016-01-06
BwViewer enabled.

3.7.6 – Released 2015-11-23
API updated.

3.7.5 – Released 2015-11-23
Improved text when replying.

3.7.4 – Released 2015-11-09
“Disable invitations” and “Pin code required” options added.
Updated Java install link for Bluewhale Desktop.
Removed support for insecure cipher suites.
If updating an existing installation, please remember to update jetty.xml with the new version:
jetty.xml for Bluewhale Server 3.7.4

3.7.3 – Released 2015-09-28
Security update from Signaturgruppen (only applicable if using the NemId feature).

3.7.2 – Released 2015-09-15
Global “Mandatory virus scan”-option added.

3.7.1 – Released 2015-06-25
Added global setting for “Use pin code by default”.

3.7.0 – Released 2015-04-14
Added support for NemId authentication.

3.6.1 – Released 2014-10-16
Disables SSLv3 to mitigate POODLE attack.
Please also remember to update jetty.xml with the new version:
jetty.xml for Bluewhale Server 3.6.1

3.6.0 – Released 2014-10-06
Added brute-force detection and account lock-out features.

3.5.5 – Released 2014-06-07
Added support for authenticated SMTP.

3.5.4 – Released 2014-03-05
Added support for multiple reply-to addresses when using Bluewhale for Outlook.
Fixed Chrome display issue.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.7.0_51.

3.5.3 – Released 2013-11-30
Added “Generic sender copy” feature, which removes content from the original message from the sender copy. This can be used for receiving confidential information without an initial pin code protected message.
Recipients are now allowed to change the sender address when responding.
Bluewhale Desktop signed by updated certificate.
Autocomplete now works with multiple recipients in Bluewhale Desktop.
Fixed problem with special characters in messages sent using the web-client.

3.5.2 – Released 2012-12-09
Improved e-mail validation and Swedish texts in web-client.

3.5.1 – Released 2012-11-20
Adds support for Swedish and German languages in web-client.

3.5.0 – Released 2012-11-12
Added all-new GWT-based web-client.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.7.0_09.

3.4.1 – Released 2012-07-30
Fixed error message when resending PIN code.
Fixed error caused by certain special characters in filenames.
Fixed localhost redirection on IP6 hosts.
Fixed double creation of accounts due to differences in casing.

3.4.0 – Released 2012-07-10
Bluewhale Desktop Java 7 support.
Improved support for national and special characters in filenames.
Improved https-redirection.
The appropriate content-type header is now set when downloading doc, xdoc, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, and pdf files.  
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.7.0_05.

3.3.3 – Released 2012-05-18
Adds German language support.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_32.
Fixed problem with nested AD groups.

3.3.2 – Released 2011-12-09
Adds support for Microsoft Failover Clustering.
Bluewhale Desktop signed by updated certificate.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_29.
Various security enhancements.

3.3.1 – Released 2011-04-05
Adds support for the Swedish language.
Supports expiration of invitations (Settings > General > Invitation days).
Supports locked from e-mail addresses in replies (Settings > General > Lock reply from).
The administration system can now generate 2048 bit RSA keys.
Removed link to administration system and Bluewhale Support from the Bluewhale start page.
Improved error message when attempting to download, after the consignment has been deleted in the administration system.
Improved error message when attempting to use an invitation, after it has been deleted in the administration system.
Improved handling of missing first and last names in AD.
The maximum message length of 3k in the browser client is now validated before sending.
Fixed error when clicking on subject on consignment in the administration system.
Fixed problem with deleting PIN code protected messages in the administration system.
Fixed subject field language issue if server locale was not english.
Subject field contents are now hidden if sending PIN code protected from Bluewhale Desktop.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_24.

3.3.0 – Released 2011-01-31
Adds support for multiple recipients of PIN code protected e-mails (requires min. Bluewhale for Outlook 1.3.0).
Adds support for e-Boks/Digital Post (requires min. Bluewhale for Outlook 1.3.0).
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_23.

3.2.0 – Released 2010-10-06
New “Secure Reply”-feature.
Support for Bluewhale invitations sent from Outlook.
Bluewhale Desktop now also supports SMS PIN code protection of e-mail body.
Personal data protection act compliance.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_21.

3.1.0 – Released 2010-07-02
Support for SMS PIN code protection of e-mail body (requires min. Bluewhale for Outlook 1.2.0).
Integrated SMS gateway.
Out-of-the-box support for Clam-AV, Trend, McAfee and ESET/NOD virus scanners.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_20.

3.0.1 – Released 2010-02-05
Expiry date in mails is now printed in bold.
Browser client does not remember passwords by default.
Bundled JRE upgraded to version 1.6.0_18.
The installer and other executables are now digitally signed by “Bluewhale ApS”.
Improved LDAP and Kerberos error messages.
Fixed direct download of folder with pincode issue.
Fixed missing recipients in text version of receipt issue.
Fixed language issue for “Download all” link in mails.
Fixed Bluewhale Desktop (Java Webstart) folder attach issue on Windows 7.

3.0.0 – Released 2009-12-02
New Windows installer.
Support for embedded Jetty application server.
Support for embedded Derby database server.
Improved SSL configuration.
Improved LDAP support.
Improved localization support.
Fixed SPF issue.

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